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Helge Nowak

Literature in Britain and Ireland: A History

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1. 2010


Literature in Britain and Ireland is a survey of literature on the British Isles since the time of the Anglo-Saxons. Despite this wide angle, the linguistic, regional and ethnic differentiations in each particular period are being emphasised.

Because of its combination of traditional and innovative components of English Studies, this history of literature is useful as a study book accompanying courses as well as an incentive for discoveries while reading. The chapters are systematically structured to allow profiles along the history of genres.

In addition to poetry, drama, short stories and the novel, different forms of non-fictional prose are being highlighted, too. Innovative tendencies in teaching English literature are taken into account beyond the consideration of popular and contemporary literature.
  • Literature in Britain and Ireland: A History I
  • Impressum IV
  • ContentsV
  • IntroductionIX
  • Medieval Literature (up to c.1500)1
  • Renaissance Literature (c.1500–1660)27
  • The Long Eighteenth Century: Neoclassicism and Romanticism (1660– c. 1830)127
  • The Literature of the Victorian Age and of the Early Twentieth Century (c. 1830–c. 1920)255
  • Modernism and Beyond (c.1920 to the Present)421
  • References and Further Reading595
  • Index620