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Jody Skinner

Anglo-American Cultural Studies

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1. Aufl. 2009


Anglo-American Cultural Studies kombiniert eine Einführung in die traditionellen Kategorien der Landeskunde mit einer Darstellung wichtiger Schlüsselt ...
  • Anglo-American Cultural StudiesI
  • ImpressumIV
  • ContentsV
  • Introduction1
  • Part I: Specific Topics in Anglo-American Area Studies5
  • 1 The Where (geography)6
  • 2 The When (history)31
  • 4 Uniform-ity and Plural-ity (education)67
  • 5 Queendom and Republicracy (political life)87
  • 6 The Pound Stops Here for a Commonwealth for All? (economics and international relations)108
  • 7 Who, Where From, and Where To (minorities and immigration)129
  • 8 Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals in The City on the Hill (religion)156
  • 9 From National Parks to National Disasters (environmental concerns)184
  • 11 Bread and Circuses (the arts, leisure time activities and sports , food )201
  • Part II: Ways of Looking at Anglo-American Cultural Studies227
  • 12 Identity: Who’s the Us, Who’s the Them?229
  • 13 Power: Those Who Got It and Those That Ain’t242
  • 14 Gender: Wo-Men256
  • 15 New Media Was, Is, and Always Will Be the Message?270
  • 16 Culture with a Big “C” and with a Little “c” in Anglo-American Cultural Studies283
  • Conclusion307
  • Recommendations for Further Reading (a partly annotated bibliography)312
  • Index319
  • List of Illustrations329