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Peter Fenn

A Student's Advanced Grammar of English (SAGE)

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1. 2010


Whatever kind of high-level language user you are – college or university student, serving language teacher, or advanced school learner – A Student’s Advanced Grammar of English (SAGE) offers you support, information, and further training.

SAGE is a reference work as well as a programmed refresher course with exercises on the accompanying website, and a structured teaching aid. It serves as a spot-check in specific cases of uncertainty. But it also answers broader queries and provides comprehensive insights into the major structural areas of English. Its concern is not simply grammar, but above all usage.

SAGE is easy to comprehend and non-specialist in method. All grammatical terminology, whether traditional or innovative, is explained in a simple and straightforward manner. On the other hand, SAGE takes account of current research in language studies. In catering especially for the user with a native German background, SAGE treats many areas of English from a contrastive point of view, highlighting those phenomena which cause typical problems in a German-based learning context.
  • A Student's Advanced Grammar of EnglishI
  • Impressum IV
  • ForewordVII
  • ContentsIX
  • Chapter 1 Introduction – Elements of English1
  • Chapter 2 Nouns27
  • Chapter 3 Pronouns, Determiners and Quantifiers73
  • Chapter 4 Adjectives141
  • Chapter 5 Adverbs188
  • Chapter 6 Prepositions221
  • Chapter 7 Conjunctions246
  • Chapter 8 Verbs: Basic Features, Syntax and Forms273
  • Chapter 9 Verbs: The Present and Past Tenses311
  • Chapter 10 Verbs: The Perfect Tenses340
  • Chapter 11 Verbs: Future and Conditional Meaning,Indirect Speech, the Passive371
  • Chapter 12 Verbs: Modal Verbs430
  • Chapter 13 Verbs: Non-finite Verbs459
  • Chapter 14 Phrase and Clause at Complex Level532